Rolling out a new solution to move further into managing projects within spark lead management system. Many of my partners have started to use and look for project management software. The spark Lead management system was focused primarily on lead acquisition and sales management. This has worked out great and for many years the solution to managing the inner workings of the shop has been all over the place based on what the shop has chosen to do.

For my current partners I am offering this solution for free in exchange for your feedback and help crafting the best possible solution. The market is allowing companies to charge up to $1000 per month for such a solution.

With a few tweaks to many of the apps I have already put together I am developing a workflow and a messaging system to enable project management.

Contact Data collection  = The same data used to start the lead in the system will instantly be available to the workflow.

Workflow = Event suggestion and follow up

Event tracking  = Tracking workflow within the organization.

Messaging  = with team members to capture real-time status updates for events from customer contact tracking to installation completion and follow up.

Inventory management = The ability to associate inventory to projects as well as integrate real-time with fromt end website applications will be available.

Quickbooks integration =  for estimating and invoicing

Google Calendar integration = with a click of a button you will be able to add an event to google calendar for the lead with the associated lead id.

Performance tracking  = as deals are estimated to closed specific data points are captured and provide over all health statistics of closing data.

Estimating = We have created a drawing tool that will calculate the SF of the project and to give a visual representation of the countertop to be included in proposals.

Document management = All documents created through the workflow can be attached to the workflow as a pdf. By recording these events in the system and cataloging them it can be clear where we are in the workflow and what the next steps are. Creating events for call back or other on the system can help organize and track these specifics in the workflow.

Contract template = The system will have a contract template. You are able to replace this template with your current contract or merge into a new contract template. when you then create a contract associated to a client you will be creating a specific instance of the contract with the customer. Once that contract is complete you can then send documents to a printer or to a digital signature product such as docusign.

Docusign/google calendar/QuickBooks and others integration - these are third part application which you may choose to use. Each of these services are integrated per the requirements they make. we are not responsible for these applications but simply facilitate the usage of them from the system.

Our goal is to create a robust platform that will provide a solid frame work to manage your back office stone shop as well as provide easy ways for us to integrate front end applications where appropriate. We plan to provide this tool free of charge to our current partners as the assist us in the development of features for the platform. They will continue to be beta testers of new solutions and features to enhance the service.

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