We are offering FREE Countertop Logo Design for your custom countertop business with the purchase of one of our marketing Programs.
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We have been providing local Countertops Marketing Services for Custom Granite and Quartz Countertop Companies since 2009. We have over 200+ websites in market and manage over $20 Million a year in custom Countertop Sales for our partners.

We provide Countertops Websites Starting at $99/month with a $199 Setup Fee. These websites include many of the tools we use to convert clicks to leads. Contact Us today to get started.

This is currently a discounted rate from the $199/month - Limited Time only!

Logo Design: Your not Coke or Pepsi so you don't have a product or service that can rely on branding and millions in advertising to brand your company and product. So lets brand your company with a logo that works for your business and your local representation.

Your logo needs to quickly answer as many of these points as possible.


What... Its clear that your logo should illustrate that you do custom Countertops. This is very helpful to clearly answer this question.

Its very clear that this is a kitchen business from the integration of the countertop into the design. The design is also of the countertops of the kitchen so people can easily make this connection.

Granite & Marble are materials typically used for countertops in the home so this also further enforces that this is a countertop business.

How: Affordable. This is to help classify the type of business this is and how they do business. By naming the business affordable granite and Marble this helps the customer to quantify the type of countertops that would be Affordable.

This is a local business and the logo is seen on tracks and business cards. The domain also has a local identifier to help with the Where.

Here are some more custom Countertop Logos we have created for our partners.


FREE Countertop Logo Design

With Purchase of a marketing Program

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