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Granite Countertops Advertising Marketing Results

We have many website that are ranking on the first page of the major search engines and even in the #1 Position.

See these granite countertops examples:

"Granite Countertops buffalo" you will find
"Granite Countertops South Carolina" you will find
"Granite Countertops phoenix" you will find
"Granite Countertops Austin" you will find
"Granite Countertops Long island" you will find
and many more...

4 major factors contribute to this high rankings:

Relevance: The website is highly related to the keyword that is being searched for. The website is constructed in such a way to attract customers with optimized content to be displayed in the listing and the website landing pages are optimized to the target keywords being searched for.
Keywords: Targeting your local market and ensuring that the on page content relates to the search term.
Domain: Keyword rich domains are one of the highest ranking factors for creating relevance to the search term.

The above factors are mandatory for high rankings. BUT! in order to stay on the first the last factor is required.

Perceived Value: Without perceived value you will not stay on the first page for long. Ensuring that actionable copy is in your SERP content is essential to staying on the first page - Watch out because the search engine does not want that in the listing. They want you to pay for advertising to put your perceived value on the SERP's page. Be prepared to move your content around over time.

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5 reason You need to redesign your granite countertop website

Instant Countertop Estimator
  1. You website is not responsive.  - This is one of the new quality cues that google is rGranite-Website-Design-Buffalorolling out. If your website is rankled well for local search terms you may find it falling off the list if it is not considered "Mobile Friendly". Google webmaster tools will tell you if your website is in compliance.
  2. I saw your website - When was the last time someone told you they came from your website. If you do not hear that your website is referring you customers then its probably not.
  3. 95% of customers that are using the internet to search for granite countertops already know what it costs. So why are they on your website? Think about that for a second. They are looking for value. Does your website provide any value. When you look at your website and see a website that has not changed in 5-10 years would you buy from you?
  4. Spark Lead Management

    Spark Lead Management

    Tracking your websites response. Do you have the same phone number on your business cards, website and the sides of your truck? Then you do not have an accurate sense of what is actually driving business for you. Tracking these sources separately is very important. Once you know where your business is coming from you can take 2 approaches. Add resources to areas that are working or add resources to areas that are not either way when you know where your business is coming from you can plan your future and grow your business in your direct.
  5. Conversion - Customers demand that they can access your information quickly and easily. That they can find what they need on your mobile website and that the full website provides them with the information that they need.We have created tools that engage the user with your brand. That keep them on the website and help them answer some critical questions they may have quickly. We provide them with a window into your business and we capture between 10-20% of these visitors contact information. That's powerful!
    Your website needs to be an extension of your sales process. It is your 24/7 sales person shortening the sale for you and driving new opportunities for you to keep the lights on. This representation of you does not have to cost a pile of money. With the right partner you can turn this around and start running your business.

We are FireUps Granite Countertop Marketing professionals. We have been providing turn key website development, Local Online Marketing, Lead Generation and Project tracking services for the past 6 years. We take the lead generation process a step further than the rest. We help you track the entire process. By tracking the process you know your ROI 24/7 /365. No guess work. You will find deficiencies in your process and be able to react and change quickly to become that well oiled machine. We have helped many business that were ready to close up shop when the recession hit to become lean, mean recession proof granite countertop fabricating machines.

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T-Shirt Logo Design For Palmetto Granite

Palmetto was looking for a new t-shirt design for his company gear.

Being in south Carolina We had to have the american flag and the owner Jason was looking for the url of the website on it.
FireUps put the creative juices to work and put together this original design.
The diamond Blade design with the words AMERICAN MADE as the saw creates and interesting iconic look and then dropping the saw into the stone represented by the line with the URL below it.
Jason is "****ing pumped"! As he puts it.
T-Shirt Logo Design For Palmetto Granite

Is your Website Mobile friendly enough?

SPEED! - Too often responsive website are too SLOW!

We have been building responsive website for some time now and we find that. Responsive websites are great but for the truly mobile website: being responsive is just not enough. The page load times are just too high to crunch all that content. The device does a pretty good job at down sampling the content but its just not enough.
For the service based business where you need to provide fast access to the products and services that you offer as well as hours, emergency contact details, locations etc. you want  a mobile website. Once that is designed to provide your basic branding but more focused on what the customer needs from your website while mobile.
This website although responsive has a separate mobile website. Once that is focused on the products andservices that we offer and gives the consumer the information that they need quickly.

How much is a mobile website?

Free with one of our other programs or
Setup Starts $199 and hosting is $9.99/month